Cutlery Sets

This year the McBride PAC is trying to reduce all plastic one time use cutlery from our school’s hot lunch program.  The environment can no longer handle all the plastic that we dispose of so lets try to be a part of the solution by participating in the VSB’s sustainability initiative.  Let’s increase awareness and reduce waste entering our landfills.  

 We will be selling stainless steel reusable cutlery sets that consist of a fork, spoon and chopsticks with a reusable case with the McBride logo on it.

 Cutlery sets will be selling for $7.00.


As of October 15, 2019 we will be free of one time use plastic cutlery and each student participating in the hot lunch program must have their own reusable cutlery sets.  You may use or purchase your own reusable cutlery for your child(ren) – you do not have to purchase this set.

To order, visit Munchalunch and click on the “fundraising” link.

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