PAC Fundraising Initiatives for 2021/22

McBride PAC fundraising efforts support a variety of school-based activities throughout the year including camps, dance and sport programs, presentations for parents, vital classroom supplies, literacy materials and more. How can you contribute?

Hot Lunch

Hot lunch is our biggest fundraiser! To order hot lunch, visit

With our traditional fundraising activities up in the air because of COVID-19, the PAC wanted to share with you a few other fundraising initiatives. Please support these if you are able. Your participation will ensure we can continue to support school activities and assist with the purchase of classroom supplies. 

Indigo FUNdraising Program

McBride has joined the Indigo FUNdraiser Program. 15% of eligible purchases made by McBride community families over the next year will be donated to the McBride PAC. Please visit McBride PAC Indigo FUNdraising Program to learn more. 

Mabel’s Labels

Thinking of ordering some Mabel’s Labels? You can support McBride Elementary in the process. Simply click on the “Support a Fundraiser” button on their website and search for Sir Richard McBride School PAC (Vancouver). We make 20% commission on all sales. 

Learn more and order at

Recycling with Return It Express

McBride has a Return-It Express account and we invite everyone to use it. Simply return your empties and recycling to a Return-It Express kiosk and your deposit money will be deposited into the McBride PAC account. Instructions are included below. 

  1. Collect your empties – juice boxes, glass bottles, aluminum cans, and plastic bottles and jugs – into clear plastic bags.
  2. Go to any Return-It Express location
  3. Log in their kiosk with account number 6047134971 and print the label(s). Please note that the account number is also the school’s phone number. 
  4. Put label(s) on your bags and leave them on the depot.
  5. Return-It will sort and count containers and refund deposit money to the PAC account. 

Donuts, Event Concessions and More

Watch for additional fundraisers such as event concessions, donut fundraisers and more through the year.

Direct Appeal

It’s easier than ever to donate to the PAC by sending us an etransfer at or to “E-Sir Richard McBride PAC” at School Cash Online. (If you donate at School Cash Online, we do not receive notification for a few weeks, so we’d love if it you send us an e-mail to let us know!)

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