Hot Lunch is back!

Hot lunch is back for June! Hot lunch is traditionally our biggest fundraiser. Ordering for June 7 to 11 is now open. Our ordering deadline is Thursday June 3 at 11 p.m.

To register for your Munchalunch account, visit the PAC website and click on the Munch-a-Link link on our homepage OR visit

All food is packaged and labelled with your child’s name. All waste will be sent home to be recycled or composted. Please ensure you send cutlery. In years past, PAC has provided cutlery to many children, but due to COVID we will not be able to do so this year. Put it in your child’s backpack now! 🙂 As in years past, there are no refunds if your child is away.

Thank you for your support of the school! This school year has been a tough year for fundraising and we very much hope that this soft re-launch allows us to continue providing classroom funds and more for the 2021/2022 school year. 

Thank you,

McBride PAC

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