Share Your Experience Getting to School!

Sir Richard McBride Elementary is participating in the City of Vancouver’s School Active Travel Planning program to encourage and promote walking and cycling to school. The program takes place over two years and includes several types of projects to address barriers to active travel:

  • Gathering information from students and families about their travel choices
  • Creating a school travel action plan
  • Upgrading transportation infrastructure near the school
  • Promoting active travel education and awareness

Every family’s feedback is important to the success of the program. Please take a few minutes and share information about how your child/children get to and from school. You can also share information about areas around the school that you believe need specific attention such as crosswalks, parking zones, and more. The information collected will help to create a school travel plan that considers the needs of the school’s students and families.

Please complete ONE survey per child by May 14th, 2021.

If you have any questions about the survey or the School Active Travel Planning program, please contact the City of Vancouver’s School Active Travel Planning team at

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