New School Fundraiser – Recycling with Return-It Express

With our traditional fundraising events on hold because of COVID-19, the PAC is looking for new ways to raise money and ensure we can continue supporting school activities and assisting with classroom supplies. We have set up a Return-It Express account and invite you to use it. Simply return your empties and recycling to a Return-It Express kiosk and your deposit money will be deposited into the McBride PAC account. Instructions are included below. Please don’t hesitate to contact the McBride PAC if you have any questions. 

Thank you in advance for supporting McBride Elementary. 

  1. Collect your empties – juice boxes, glass bottles, aluminum cans, and plastic bottles and jugs – into clear plastic bags.
  2. Go to any Return-It Express location
  3. Log in their kiosk with account number 6047134971 and print the label(s). Please note that the account number is also the school’s phone number. 
  4. Put label(s) on your bags and leave them on the depot.
  5. Return-It will sort and count containers and refund deposit money to PAC account. 

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